Best Ariana Grande Hair Bows Styles and How You Can Make It Yourself?

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Ariana Gtande HairstyleMuch famous American singer, songwriter and actress Ariana Grande is the darling of everybody. She has big fan following in the world. Where Ariana’s music always puts her on the top, it is her style statements as well that keep her on the headlines. Well, Ariana Grande hairstyles are quite popular in the media and in particular among her fans. She loves making changes with them and every time when she sports a new one, it starts grabbing the attention of the media and her fans. Among her hairdos, Ariana Grande hair bows styles grab much attention and fetch the eyes.

Let’s check out Ariana Grande hairstyles, which she love showing off the world.

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Pony Bow

One of Ariana’s most famous and loved hairstyles is ponytails and pony bows. Making a ponytail is quite simple and you may do it quite quickly and it surely makes you lovely like Ariana. She is often sported wearing lovely ponytails and they go well with her looks. As for pony bows, they too can be made easily – just take the hair in your hands and then gather them in the middle of the head followed by tying a knot with a ribbon. After you need to make too loops by crossing one over the other one by pulling the loop on the top through the hole you have made. Later straighten the ends of the hair and tighten them so that two tails rest on the bottom and two loops can come on the top.

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Headband Bow

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Another Ariana Grande hair bows styles is Headband Bow, which the beautiful singer loves to sport wherever she goes. In order to have this style of Ariana, 21, you need to run the ribbon along the hairline by taking the hair ends to the head top. Later secure a knot by tying a bow followed by the same method done for the pony bow. Then you need to tweak the loops out slightly to shorten the tails followed by making a wider bow for your headband. Now slide the bow a bit to the side to look stunning. These are the best two Ariana Grande hairstyles that she simply adores all the time.

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