PHOTOS: Ashish Chowdhry Enjoys Splendid Holiday with Wife in Maldives

By Goher Iqbal Punn – Film Critic, Music Reviewer & Entertainment Analyst – Showbiz Bites

Ashish Chowdhry’s holiday picturesBollywood and television actor Ashish Chowdhry is a known name in the industry. His acting skill particularly his comedy is what always puts him on the lead. He recently enjoyed a fabulous and unforgettable holidays. Here we dish out Ashish Chowdhry’s holiday pictures and what he enjoyed there at the best holiday spot in the world. He took off on a holiday after four years. He took a break from work and planned a holiday in Maldives.

He booked a hotel in Maldives, but he did not know that he would be given a VVIP treatment. By the time he reached there, he was offered to enjoy a sea plane, which was there to pick him up.  Ashish had booked a villa for four nights and five days, but he was endowed with a sunset water suit instead by hotel authorities. He was given a premium room. Previously he had come to Maldives when he came for the movie Fight Club’s shooting. But his second time (present tour) will be his memorable one in lifetime. He received a big welcome and importance there at the hotel. Chef cooked special foods for him.






He said he always wanted to go to London, but Maldives happened to be heaven on earth. Hope you guys must have enjoyed Ashish Chowdhry’s holiday pictures and the stories associated with them.

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