Badlapur Does Nice Despite India’s Match, 1st Weekend Business

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

Badlapur ImageBadlapur 1st weekend box office collections – the film, as it was being expected did good business even despite the big match of India vs. South Africa. The audiences nonetheless showed their love for the actor Varun Dhawan, who has been showing his form since his debut in Bollywood. He is the actor who has a long way to go in Bollywood. Biggies – be cautious, this actor might destruct your position.

Badlapur 3rd day box office collections i.e. 1st Sunday collections are 8.25 crore, which is really nice considering the fact people were also busy watching the match. The movie is now expected to do better in its first week. The weekdays may bring up some shaky business and even the drops would be seen, but all this happen when a movie slips into weekdays. Thus, no need to worry about unless some major drops are witnessed.

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Well, Badlapur 1st weekend box office collections now land up to the big business of 24 crore (net) in domestic market.  There is no competition at all that is also a big point. Only Roy is there, which has already been kicked by the audiences. Therefore, Badlapur has plenty of time to grow and make business as much as it can. Anyway, now Badlapur 1st weekend box office collections have shown one thing that Varun Dhawan is the darling of masses. Also read other posts on the website such as Oscars 2015 complete winners list with details and Sunny Leone’s mouthwatering pink bikini show (images).

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