Floral Dresses – Bollywood Actresses’ Latest Summer Fashion Statement

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

Bollywood Celebrities StyleBollywood celebrities’ style is what everyone follows completely and when it comes to the actresses of the Hindi cinema industry, the styles and fashion statements generated by them are followed and checked heavily. They know it and are well aware of the craziness of the masses towards their style statement. This is the reason they keep generating their new style statement whenever they come out in public. Well, the summer has arrived with fill hotness and now the Bollywood fraternity has turned to it with full boom wearing summer outfits.

The trend of floral dresses among Bollywood leading ladies is quite vivid these days in this summer. They say it appears difficult to pull off the floral dresses, but our cinema ladies seem to be in utter ease when it comes to get draped in floral outfits.




Anyway, whatsoever it is, this is our Bollywood celebrities’ style and the Bollywood divas have now welcomed the summer with open arms wearing floral dresses to give eyes utter coolness and to beat the heat of the summer/ Also have fun with other posts on the website such as hot liplock on Swim Team channel V show (photos), Wazir’s posters out now and hot Nargis Fakhri looks damn sexy in cleavage showing red outfit (photos).

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