OMG! Christina Aguilera – Too Big for Sex

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By Jimmy Witts, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

christina aguilera fiance

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Matt Rutler is Christina Aguilera fiancé, this we all know well, but hardly anybody know that there are rumors making the rounds of the media that Christina’s sex life with her fiancé has ended up. No, we are NOT saying so, rather a famous tabloid reports it. The tabloid says that she has gained much weight over the holidays and happens to be quite embarrassed with her physique. Therefore, her sex life with fiancé is nonexistent now. It has also been reported that she is not in a mood of making love these days.

Further it has been reported that the singer’s confidence level has dropped so much that she has pleaded her bosses of ‘Voice’ not to focus their cameras on her lower half.

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In short, the magazine reports Christina Aguilera fiancé is not having any intimate moments with the singer these days. Images Source: and

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