DNA of Love Geared Up to Allure the Masses

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

DNA of LoveDNA of Love – the name instantly grabs the attention and ofcourse the eyes get focused on the movie. This surely generates the curiosity level of the masses for the film. The film’s shooting has been completed and now the movie is in post production stage. The film, that features Adhyayan Suman in main lead, had gone on floors a couple of months back. And now it has winded up the shoot and landed into post production, which means soon the audiences will be able to watch the movie.

The makers of the film are quite pleased with all this and they have bigger hopes for this venture to work well with the audiences.

Amit Kasaria, who has directed DNA of Love, has introduced a new genre of thriller love saga that has not been used in any of Bollywood film before. The shooting schedule of the film was around 48 days, but it was completed in merely 43 days.

DNA of Love

DNA of Love has been shot in Delhi and Nainital. The other cast includes Shilpa Khubwani, Yuri Suri, Divya Seth, Anurag Sharma and Dev Sharma. Also have fun with other posts on the website such as Sushmita Sen brings fish on the sets and Anushka Sharma looks stunning at a recent event (photos).

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