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holi celebrationHoli celebration is going to begin now, as the festival is around the corner. Well, Holi is an ancient religious festival of Hindus widely famous as the Festival of Colors. Where the masses play Holi, the celebrities from Bollywood and small screen too would love to enjoy playing with the colors. Here we present you as to how the female celebrities of television fraternity play Holi and what are their sweet memories of Holi? Let’s browse the article to learn about it.


Arti Singh

She says that she loves playing Holi and often goes to Lucknow to celebrate the festival with her mother. She shares one memory of Holi saying that she had to take a flight back to Mumbai the same evening. When she did not get a high from one glass of bhang, she went on drinking two more glasses. Being much excited, she also ate ghujiya that amped up the effect. She tells that only she knows what was her condition after that. She ended up by getting at least 10 slaps from her mother, as she was dancing in the middle of the road.


Shradha Sharma

She says that Holi is one of her favorite festival, as it is full of colors. She once got an opportunity to play Holi in Thailand. The most interesting thing which she liked that the Holi was played with water not colors over there. She is impressed and likes the way, as the colors spoils the skin and takes much time to fade away from the skin. This Holi, Shradha will be in Sri Lanka, where she is set to perform at Casino Balejio.

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Krishna Gokani

Sharing her memories, Krishna says that she has fun memories of Holi. Talking more on Holi, she says that she remembers one such Holi celebration at one of her friend’s place. All of her friends including her enjoyed a lot that day, feasting on on ghujiyas, gulped thandais and danced to Holi songs. No one was in the mood to end the celebration. No one was tired and seemed to have super power. She also resolved her differences with a friend, whom she was not on talking terms. The two got emotional and spoke their hearts out.


Tina Dutta

She loves holi. Tina says that she loves drinking Thandai. The best memory of her Holi celebrations is the one when she celebrated it with family and friends in Kolkata. She played with Gulal and Water whole day. It was much emotional, as she was playing it with folks after ten years.


Rashami Desai

Rashmi finds Holi being a pure and positive festival. In her views, it is a day when one sorts out differences and celebrates friendship. She likes drinking Thandaai and Bhaang. Her sweet memory of Holi celebration is the one when she celebrated it in school with teachers and friends. Another memory is the one when she patched up with a friend whom she fought exactly a year back on Holi.

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