Photo Story: Hot Liplock in Swim Team Channel V Show

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

Swim Team Channel VSwim Team Channel V Show has been much in demand and the masses like it a lot and this is the reason that it has gathered big momentum now. Well, the show is now going to be more sparkling, as the kiss scene (liplock) on the show has ignited it thoroughly. Amit Gaur, who plays Tarun Kapoor in this show, talks about the liplock he did on screen. He unzips that the kiss scene happened between him and Umang.

The scene shows Tarun being a bit tipsy after having few drinks and he slips into swimming pool, where Umang, who is obsessed over him, joins him in the pool. She takes advantage of the moment and plants lips on him. This hot kiss scene in Swim Team Channel V Show clearly shows Umang’s obsession for Tarun.

Swim Team Channel V

Umang’s role is played by Ashmita Jaggi. It is Amit’s first ever kiss scene on screen and he says that he is spontaneous and gets a good response from all corners about the liplock.

Amit Gaur

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