5 Most Shocking Kareena Kapoor’s Oops Moments

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By Anil Kumar, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

kareena oopsKareena Kapoor Oops Moments – Well, she is undoubtedly the leading actress of Bollywood and shares the credit on the top leading actresses of Hindi cinema industry. Where other Bollywood actresses bump into controversies, she too faces all this a lot. Here, we show you the top 5 oops moments of the actress, which grabbed the eyeballs. At various events, Kareena was spotted with embarrassing moments showing beyond the imagination. Now go on and look at the photos.

Check out the images of Kareena’s most embarrassing moments taken place at various events.

kareena oops-01kareena oops-04

kareena oops-05

kareena oops-02

kareena oops-03

Share your thoughts on these Kareena Kapoor Oops Moments with us in comments section dished out below.

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