OMG! Katrina Kaif Falls from the Horse…What?

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

Katrina Kaif-01Katrina Kaif’s upcoming movie Fitoor has been grabbing quite a big buzz in the media and especially among her fans in the world. The movie is being awaited hugely, but for the release the moviegoers have to wait as the shooting is still going on. Well, recently while shooting for the film, Katrina almost fell from the horse, but the brave actress managed and rode back on the horse.

During an important scene, Katrina was required to ride on the horse. She had done complete practice for horse riding before the scene. The scene was going pretty well until the gorgeous actress slipped all of a sudden. She lost her balance completely and almost fell from the horse – her half body was in the air and the other half was on the horse side.

But the actress nonetheless managed and made her balance again and gave a perfect shot. The director Abhishek Kapoor was quite happy with the shot and praised about Katrina’s thorough professionalism.

Katrina Kaif

Well, the fact remains that Katrina Kaif’s upcoming movie Fitoor has every eye set on it and it seems the movie may make a good business upon release. Wait till the release and until then, why not to enjoy other posts on the website such as Tanishaa Mukerji’s deep cleavage show at Colors party (photos).

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