PHOTOS & INTERVIEW: Nargis Fakhri Shows Creamy Thighs, Curvy Legs and Hot Cleavage for Femina Shoot

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

Nargis-Femina Cover PageNargis Fakhri Femina Cover shoot has ignited a big heat among her fans – everyone is glued to the web to see the hot babe’s giant hotness that she displays in the latest photoshoot of Femina magazine’s April issue. Nargis is the hot choice of all the leading brands and magazines in India and even abroad due to her most curvy figure, hotness and beauty. She always sizzles whenever she does any photoshoot.

The sexy lass of B-Town this time sizzles on Femina magazine’s cover page for its April 2015 issue. In a candid interview, the beautiful actress tells us her story as to how she raised from New York slums to be the model and then a leading Bollywood actress?

Image Courtesy: Femina Magazine

Image Courtesy: Femina Magazine

Nargis-Femina Cover Page-02

Image Courtesy: Femina Magazine

The stunning and hot photos of Nargis Fakhri Femina cover instantly capture the eyeballs and this all is due to her catchy and steamy beauty laced with tremendous sex appeal. Nargis shows her hourglass physique, curvy legs, hot thighs and good amount of skin show in these pictures.

Image Courtesy: Femina Magazine

Image Courtesy: Femina Magazine

Nargis-Femina Cover Page-04

Image Courtesy: Femina Magazine

Well, you guys can aptly enjoy the most sizzling photos of Nargis Fakhri Femina Cover. Also click on the above images to read Nargis Fakhri’s interview, which tells her struggles from being in NYC’s slums to land into the glittery world of Bollywood. Also enjoy other posts such as Nargis Fakhri’s hot shoot for Femina (photos), Nargis Fakhri’s juicy shoot for The Juice (photos) and Photos of Sonakshi Sinha celebrating a fan’s birthday.  Images Courtesy; Femina Magazine

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