Ranbir Kapoor CAUGHT with New Girlfriend

By Anil Kumar, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

ranbir kapoor girlfriendRanbir Kapoor new girlfriend has landed on the scene. Well, the Internet and the social media are abuzz with the reports about the dashing hunk’s new girlfriend. Ranbir has broken up with his celebrity girlfriend Katrina Kaif and since he is single and seems ready to mingle, a mystery woman came up on the scene all at once. The pictures show Ranbir with a mystery girl partying and enjoying. Soon, they became viral on the web.

Before the matter got more deepen, the Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillai cleared the matter by tweeting that the girl was a reporter of an esteemed magazine, who wanted to have a picture with Ranbir. Thus Filmfare reporter clicked the picture.

ranbir kapoor new girlfriend

Anyway, this mystery girl became all of a sudden Ranbir Kapoor new girlfriend on the Internet.

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