How Ranveer Singh Lost His Virginity and Where?

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By Anil Kumar, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

ranveer-showbizbitesRanveer Singh virginity – this actor is who always creates big buzz whatever he does. His movies run well at the box office and he has certainly gained a good position in the industry with his acting skills. He is carefree, shameless and much bold. And this is the reason that he openly unzipped about losing his virginity. He uttered this to the media in a real casual manner.

Ranveer Singh virginity matter or when he lost his virginity is what often comes to his fans mind in particular his girl fans’ minds. Talking to the media about this matter, Ranveer said that it was around 12 when he lost his virginity. He was in school in those days and he did it quite early in life.

He told that everything he did was much way ahead of time. He also uttered that the mothers of his school fellows always used to say to their kids to stay away of Ranveer as he was a rotten apple who could spoil their kids.


Ranveer said that he was an expert in this subject and could write a thesis on it. Also read other posts on the website such as Ranveer Sigh undressed in front of a famed actress (who was she?), Pakistani actress Mahira Khan fetched on board to play Shah Rukh Khan’s love in Raees, Brett Lee’s Unindian first look and Emma Watson praises Farhan’s MARD.

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