PIX: Celebs at the 60th Filmfare Awards 2014, Who Wears What?

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

60th filmfare awards60th Filmfare Awards 2014 was a rocking and glittering extravaganza taken place few days back in Mumbai where who’s who of the film industry came to adorn the event wearing the most stylist outfits to look different from the other. Since awards’ functions in particular Bollywood’s most prestigious awards Filmfare Awards are the ones where the celebrities would love to showcase their style statements, the celebrities always hit the event getting clad in the most stunning and eye popping costumes to make rich style statement.  This time around the same took place at 60th Filmfare Awards 2014, where the red carpet got embellished with the ritzy personas of the celebs.

We here bring you the stunning photos of Bollywood celebrities at the 60th Filmfare Awards 2014. Each celeb tried to look different and eye catchy from the other. In this race, who look more stunning than the other – you guys let us know in below comments section.

60th filmfare awards function

60th filmfare awards function-01

60th filmfare awards function-07

60th filmfare awards function-04

60th filmfare awards function-10

60th Filmfare Awards function-11

60th Filmfare Awards function-12

60th filmfare awards function-15

60th filmfare awards function-02

60th filmfare awards function-03

60th filmfare awards function-05

60th filmfare awards function-06

60th filmfare awards function-08

60th filmfare awards function-09

60th filmfare awards function-13

60th filmfare awards function-14

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