Rishi Kapoor Even Did Not Buy a Ring for Neetu Singh on Marriage (PHOTOS)

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goher-column-pictureA lot has been written on Rishi Kapoor Neetu Singh marriage. The media is abuzz about the couple’s wedding and the tidbits involved. This post will talk about the facts associated with their marriage. Many do not know that by the time the couple started dating Neetu Singh was merely 14-year-old. They dated for around 6 years and by the time they took marriage’s decision Neetu was just 21-year-old.  Although Rishi was in love with the actress, but how passionately he loved her oozed out when he was in Paris for 3 days for a movie’s shooting. He could not stop thinking of her, and this led him to know that he was unable to live without her.

The marriage took place when the families forced them. Not many know that the ring, Rishi gave to Neetu Singh on marriage, was his sister’s old ring, as he did not even buy one for her.

neetu singh rishi kapoor marriage

rishi kapoor neetu singh marriage

Neetu Singh had to leave her acting career post her marriage though she was in demand. There were obvious reasons behind her taking this giant decision – Kapoor Khandan (Kapoor family) would not allow the females to work in movies at that time and Rishi was much possessive also that he did not allow the wife to come home after 8 p.m or go out at night.

rishi kapoor neetu singh marriage pictures

ustad nusrat faeth ali khan at rishi kapoor's wedding ceremony

Another lesser known fact is that late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had performed at the Sangeet party of Rishi Kapoor’s marriage ceremony. Late Raj Kapoor had heard him somewhere and he had him in mind, and when the wedding was planned, he invited the late Ustad there, who sang whole night before the entire film industry. From there on, Ustand Nusrat started getting noticed by the masses. But the fact remains that it was legendary Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan who introduced him and made him popular in the world by inviting him to sing at his parties and then taking him on board for the donations of his cancer hospital ‘Shoukat Khanum Trust Hospital’.

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rishi kapoor neetu singh

The love between the two strengthened their relationship that they still are going strong and happily married even their kids have grown up. Do share your views on this story on Rishi Kapoor Neetu Singh marriage in comments section below.

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