VIDEO: Arijit Singh Now Begs Salman Khan to Forgive Him and Retain His Song in Sultan

By Prakash Babu, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

salman khan arijit singhSalman Khan Arijit Singh’s fight – well, we all are aware of it. But now once again the singer is going to be kicked from Salman’s movie. The fear is disturbing the singer so heavily that he is now begging Salman Khan to carry his song in Salman’s upcoming movie ‘Sultan’. Arijit has sung a song for Salman Khan in Sultan. Film’s producer is Aditya Chopra and reports have it that he has fetched Arijit Singh to render this track. Wonder, why it was done by Aditya when everyone knows the conflict between the two.

Anyway, Arijit fears heavily that the history might repeat itself and his song would be replaced by some other singer in Sultan. With this fear in mind, Singh wrote an open letter to Salman Khan posted on his Facebook page requesting the super star to not remove his track in Sultan. He also apologized Salman for his action and mentioned that Salman has misunderstood him.

The conflict and the sourness between the two dates back to the Star Guild Awards aired in February 2014, which was hosted by Salman Khan. Arijit had blamed Salman for making him fall asleep. Responding to him, Salman Khan made fun of Arijit by uttering it was all thanks to his number ‘Tum Hi Ho (Aashiqui 2), which made the people snoozing. Arijit did not know at that time that what would happen to him later that he took a bash with none other than the superstar of Bollywood. Little did he know that he would be kicked out of all his movies? The same then happened that Arijit sang Tu Hi Tu (Kick) song, which was then replaced by the voice of Muhammad Irfan. Later Arijit even missed the opportunities to sing for Salman in the movies Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Hero respectively.

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Arijit has been trying to apologize Salman since then, but all is in vain, as the superstar is in no mood to forgive and respond to him.

In the open letter, Arijit begged Salman Khan, but Salman has not responded him at all. It is believed that once again Arijit is going to be replaced by any other singer for the song he sang in Sultan, as Salman Khan (as it seems) will not retain his song in his movie. Read the letter below.

arjit letter

Soon after, Arijit deleted the letter, as he was aware of the fact that the gesture could backfire. He replaced the letter with a small note, which is pasted below.

arijit note

Watch below how Salman Khan Arijit Singh’s fight (bitterness) took place at the awards’ function?

We surely want to hear your thoughts on Salman Khan Arijit Singh’s fight, as to what you think of it? Besides let us know whether you want Salman Khan to forgive him and retain his song in Sultan or not?

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