Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt Fight over a Woman

By Prakash Babu, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

salman khan sanjay dutt fightSalman Khan Sanjay Dutt friendship was once much strong and dates back to decades back. But now it has been broken since quite some time courtesy a woman. Yes, there is a woman who broke their well-bonded friendship. Now the two stars avoid each other whenever they bump into each other. This woman is none other than Reshma Shetty on whom the two stars and friends finally landed into a brawl, which ended up with the breaking of their solid friendship.

Well, don’t take it a wrong way that they fought to win this woman. No, it’s not the case rather Reshma is Salman Khan’s business manager. And when Sanjay was out on bail in December 2014, Salman recommended her to Dutt so that she could manage him properly and bring him movies and projects. Sanjay hired her on Salman’s recommendation, but after waiting long and long time, the actor was not awarded even a single project. The furious Sanjay then took the initiative to investigate the matter. He found that Reshma and her team hiked Sanjay’s price so much that the producers who wanted to cast him went for alternatives.

Reshma Shetty

Sajany was angry on Salman about all this, and Salman was upset that Sanjay did not value his recommendation. This led to end up Salman Khan Sanjay Dutt friendship. Now the two avoid each other.

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