Whose Bum is Hottest – Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez?

By Jimmy Witts, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

kim kardashian bumKim Kardashian bum is what grabs tremendous attention in the media and among the world masses. She keeps getting it into true d-shape. Where Kim’s bum is in discussion all the time by her fans and the people across the globe, there is another Hollywood hottie whose d-shaped bum is also in big talks. She is none other than Jennifer Lopez. Both of these celebrities’ hot lip smacking bums keep capturing the eyeballs. But here, we put a question to you guys – whose bum is more hot – Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez?

Check the picture below and vote for your favorite celebrity.

kim kardashian bum

Image Courtesy: afrossip.com and wetpaint.com

Cast your vote by clicking on the below poll. Also enjoy a brilliant post on Kim Kardashian bum – top 10 pictures of Kim’s bum.  Image Courtesy: afrossip.com and wetpaint.com

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