Bigg Boss 7 Day 16 – Ratan Rajput Slips into Cow-Dung Tub

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

ratan in cow-dung-showbizbites-featuredBigg Boss 7 Day 16 – Well, this episode of today is going to be really interesting since Bigg Boss is going to give the hell-mates the task, which will be utterly hard to do. Even just thinking of it, once can vomit but anyone of them has to do it. In this episode of Bigg Boss Season 7, it will be announced in hell side that there is a virus and the hell-mates have to undergo treatment. Bigg Boss calls Shilpa and Anita into laboratory. And by the time they step into the lab, they are astonished to see the cow-dung filled up to the brim of a bath tub. Bigg Boss asks both of them to choose a name from the hell side who would lay into this tub for two hours. If the chosen contestant refuses to do the task, heaven-side will get a point.

After deep discussions, the two deicide the name of Ellie. By the time, Ellie enters into the lab for treatment, she gets the shock of her life, seeing the tub filled with cow-dung. She simply refuses to do so and as a result, hell-side gets a point. Then on Bigg Boss 7 Day 16’s episode, the viewers will find BIgg Boss asking the hell-mates if anyone of them is ready to do this task. After a lot of discussion among them, the hell-mates choose Ratan’s name. She slips into the cow-dung tub.

ratan in cow-dung-bigg boss-showbizbites

ratan in cow-dung-showbizbites

The viewers will see Ratan singing songs to distract herself from the idea that she is actually into cow-dung. She spends time there and then hell-side gets a point and lead over heaven-side. All the contestants from hell-side applaud her when she comes out of the tub. Watch Bigg Boss 7 Day 16’s episode today to get actual pleasures. Meanwhile, you may read other stories like Besharam advance booking report, Besharam box office prediction and Besharam box office collections report with expert analysis. Also read this week’s nominations on Bigg Boss 7 for elimination.

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