Bigg Boss 7: Tanisha Gets a Letter from Mother Tanuja

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

tanisha-kajol-tanuja-showbizbitesTanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli’s intimacy has been the big buzz in the media for last many days and this intimacy has really created huge buzz everywhere and even raised the TRP of the show for sure. There have also been reports about Tanisha’s family being upset over their daughter’s intimacy with inmate Armaan Kohli. On the other hand, there are reports about Armaan’s family’s affirmation to his relationship with Tanisha. But the latest update is that Tanishaa finally got a letter from her mother Tanuja. Well, there were reports in the media that Tanuja, Kajol and Ajay Devgn were upset over Tanisha’s intimacy with Armaan Kohli in the show and they even went for making efforts for her eviction from the show. But now all ripples got silent since Tanuja sent her daughter a letter, which made Tanishaa super happy.

By the time, when all contestants’ relatives had come to meet them on the show, Tanisha and Armaan’s families did not come and it made them upsets. But now Tanisha gets a letter from her mother that says they all – she, her sister and all at home are happy with her and they miss her a lot.


Well, learn more on the show as to what the letter carries. Till then just chill with the story that Tanisha finally gets a letter from her mother Tanuja. You may also like reading other stories on the website such as R…Rajkumar Movie Review, R…Rajkumar opening occupancy, Kapil Sharma dating Preeti Simoes, his show’s director and Miranda Kerr new style statement. Besides read report about Arrambam 36th day box office collections, as film earns 310 crore.

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