Bigg Boss Saath 7 Day 23 – Arman and Asif’s Verbal Fight

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

arman in cage-showbizbitesBigg Boss Saath 7 Day 23 – the episode will be super entertaining since Armaan Kohli has been locked in a cage and he is getting frustrated and started shouting now. As we all know that the beds of the Jahanam-side were taken by Bigg Boss and there was a condition about the return of the beds of girls provided that among Armaan, Asif or Kushal, anyone spent whole night in a cage. Armaan came up and got himself locked in a cage being a hero and showing heroic act. After she spends a long time in a cage, he starts getting annoyed as to how long will he have to be locked in the cage? But he does not get any response from Bigg Boss. He then lands into a verbal fight with Asif who laughs at his condition.

But when there is no response from Bigg Boss, Tanisha, who has the keys, takes the initiative and free the man. Then Armaan was calls by Bigg Boss in the confession room where he is told that he was very close to complete his task. Later on the show of Bigg Boss Saath 7 Day 23, Bigg Boss announces the beginning of the luxury budget task in which Jahanam side has to mint money. If the hell side wants anything from heaven side, they have to pay them for everything including water. But initially, they have to deposit 500 note as a security since heaven side also acts as a bank.

bigg boss 7 day 23-showbizbites

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