Mr. Joe B. Carvalho Movie Review

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

Arshad & Soha Ali Khan Producer: Bhola Ram Malviya and Shital Malviya

Director: Samir Tewari

Cast; Arshad Warsi, Javeed Jafferi and Soha Ali Khan

Music: Amartya Rahut

Rating: [rating=1]

Last year (2013) was undoubtedly filled with number of hits and blockbusters such as Chennai Express, Dhoom 3 (which is still going on fantastically) and Krrish 3 and the list goes on with other brilliant entertainers, which worked big time at the BO like Mere Dad Ki Maruti, Jolly LLB and Grand Masti. Even Fukrey allured the souls and made good at box office too. Now the New Year (2014) starts with another comedy (an entertainer). Well, as it has been targeted as a ‘comedy’, we call it a comedy. In actual, whether it is a comedy or not, let’s learn from the review. 2014’s first movie Mr. Joe B. Carvalho features the likes of Arshad Warsi, Javeed Jaaferi and Soha Ali Khan in main leads. When the names like Arshad and Javeed are associated with a comic caper, one is bound to trust the movie to be an utter entertainer with brilliant one-liners, jokes and mind boggling comedy. But sadly, with Mr. Joe B. Carvalho, there is nothing of this sort to hit your heart.

The fact remains that tickling the masses’ funny bone in this age is not an easy task at all since today the people are more intelligent to understand everything. They cannot be made laugh on mundane comedy filled with poor humor, etc. They have awareness of everything, knack of understanding the narrative and every department of the film. Thus, making them love your cinematic product is not as easy as it was in the past when even simply made comedies used to run at theaters.

Mr. Joe B. Carvalho carries every ingredient a comic caper should have, but the sad thing is that almost each and every ingredient fails to impress the audiences. The first time director Samir Tewari fails badly in putting everything in apt placement on celluloid. The title of the movie shows that the flick would be a mad entertainer and when the brilliant actors, whose name is synonymous to comedy, Arshad Warsi and Javeed Jafferi are attached with the flick, the audiences’’ trust develop more on the film. After watching the film, the disappointment comes all over since it is a waste of time and money.

Shantipriya (Soha Ali Khan), who is a cop, is given the task of arresting an international terrorist, Carlos (Javeed Jafferi). But she mistakes Joe B. Carvalho (Arshad Warsi) for the international terrorist. Here the comedy of errors begins.

Novelty is story? Well, the answer is ‘No’. Doesn’t matter, if the story is not novel at all. What matters the most is that the script should be powerful to grab the audiences’ interest in the proceedings on screen. The moment the film starts, the masses begin yawning. Admit, the first hour is nonetheless gripping and the people enjoy it. But as soon as the second hour begins, it brings up boredom in abundance. The script is badly penned and carries nothing attractive at all. Mahesh Ramchandani is the man behind the story and the script. He makes the film a failure and spoiling. Direction too is badly executed. Samir Tewari does not succeed in putting the story on screen aptly. Music is below average. Editing is not fine. Cinematography is just about okay.

Arshad Warsi (2)

Arshad Warsi is the one, the entire film seems to be on his shoulders. He justifies the character and does a fine job.His comic timing is superb.  Javeed Jafferi does not get the full amount of performance. Also he does not deliver the goods as brilliantly as he can and is known for. Soha Ali Khan is okay in her act, but soars high in glamor. Supporting cast is okay.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, Mr. Joe B. Carvalho is a poor comedy filled with bad humor and no rib-tickling content. It is a strictly waste of time and money. New Year begins with a failure.

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