PK Box Office Prediction – 100 Crores in 3 Days and 200 Crores in 10 Days

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

PK-Image-showbizbitesPK box office prediction – well, without any single doubt the film is going to rock and is set to create the historical business provided that the word of mouth goes well, which surely seems to be in its favor even prior to release. Since it is Aamir Khan’s film, it is bound to generate something exceptional at the box office. The 3 Idiots team has returned back once again to let the viewers enjoy unique and interesting content on screen. Like 3 Idiots, PK is expected to do bigger ripples rather much more than 3 Idiots.

The much-awaited film of the year, PK has already grabbed all eyes and everyone is waiting the release. PK advance booking has already shown the massive response from the public. The film is scheduled to release this Friday on 19th December. Since it has really good buzz and bigger hype attached, the movie has higher expectations to do brilliant at ticket windows. The screen count is nearly 6000 worldwide. PK is releasing in more than 5200 screens in India and above 600 screens across the globe.

With this massive screen count, PK box office prediction turns out to expect more lavish and colossal business from India and abroad. And with this screen count, from India only (domestic market), the movie is expected to open tremendously.

Although with a screen count of around 5200 in India, the opening day (1st day collections) domestic collections are being expected to be more than 50 crores. But they could be less than 50 crores because the movie is releasing on a normal Friday. This will affect the business a bit. PK 1st day box office collections might be in the range of 35 to 37 crores domestically. If it earns 50 crores or more on 1st day in India, it would be the highest total ever on opening day for any movie. There is no doubt it may do so, but if we go with the factual situation, as it is normal Friday on opening day, the business may not be 50 crores or something.

PK 2nd day box office collections (1st Saturday) may be in the range of 40 crores. In other words, it would be a jump in business on following day. 1st Sunday is expected to bring the highest total ever. The estimated business of 3rd day (Sunday) could be 50 crores or more. If the word of mouth goes in its favor (as it is expected), the movie is slated to bring in nearly 127 crores or more by the wind of first weekend business in India. This would be a new record as well.

Since PK box office prediction is quite strong and the advance booking too shows marvelous results plus Christmas holidays and vacations too are around the corner, the film is expected to sail in the range of 17 to 20 crore in weekdays, which will add simply brilliant business to overall total. By the wind of 1st week, the film may cross 200 crore business.

Happy New Year earned 44.97 crores on its first day in India with a screen count of 4800, thus, PK with screen count of 5200 (approx.) in domestic market is expected to break all records. Therefore, if word of mouth goes in its favor and masses come out in plenty, even with normal Friday PK may cross 50 crore mark on 1st day domestic business. On the eve of Christmas (25th December), which comes on 1st Thursday, the film may get the domestic business in the range of 25 to 26 crores.

Below are the day-wise business predictions (PK box office prediction) in domestic market:

PK 1st day box office collection (1st Friday): 35 or 37 (in between)

PK 2nd day box office collection (1st Saturday): 40 crores

PK 3rd day box office collection (1st Sunday): 50 crores

PK 1st weekend box office collection: 127 crores (approx. figure)

PK 4th day box office collection (1st Monday): 20 crores

PK 5th day box office collection (1st Tuesday): 18 crores

PK 6th day box office collection (1st Wednesday): 17 crores

PK 7th day box office collection (Christmas Holiday – 1st Thursday): 26 crores

PK 1st week box office collection: 208 crores

When will the movie generate 250 crore mark? Well, it may come up in 10 days or so like:

PK 8th day box office collection (2nd Friday): 14 crore (something)

PK 9th day box office collection (2nd Saturday): 16 crore (something)

PK 10th day box office collection (2nd Sunday): 19 crore (something)

PK 2nd weekend box office collection (10 days domestic business): 257 crores (approx.)


Well, this is what my PK box office prediction for the 10 days. The business figures may be less or high since they are only estimates. Also enjoy other posts on the website such as ROY Movie posters (see photos of Ranbir and Jacqueline’s romantic chemistry), PK advance booking report with analysis, How and when Ranveer Singh lost his virginity and When Ranveer Singh undressed in front of a popular actress.

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