PK Earns 544 Crore Worldwide, Beats All Previous Records with Ease

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

PK-still-showbizbites-02PK worldwide box office collection – well, the film has now created the giant historical record set by itself, which is now dished out to break by any of coming Bollywood film. It seems, it is Aamir Khan, who will be beating this record, as he is the one who broke previous historical record ever made in worldwide collections in Bollywood’s history with Dhoom 3. With PK, he broke Dhoom 3’s record and now with his star power, it seems he will beat this new record by his upcoming movie. Anyway, if someone else does it, it would be nice as well.

PK has done giant in overseas market as well. PK has made 21 million dollars in just 15 days in overseas market.

Well, PK worldwide box office collections now reveal the film has taken 1st place on Bollywood’s highest grossers of all time by beating the previous record set by Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 released last year.

The movie has earned around 544 crore business (gross) in 15 days so far. It now seems the movie is marching towards attaining more than 600 crore worldwide, which will come with ease.


Dhoom 3 had earned 542 crore worldwide and 28 million dollars in overseas market. The difference of dollar rate is that by the time Dhoom 3 had earned 542 crore (gross) worldwide, the dollar rate was around 61 Indian Rupees, whereas current dollar rate in Indian Rupees is around 64 INR. Also read other posts such as PK breaks Dhoom 3 record to become the highest grosser of all time, Telugu movie Raj Mahal’s spiciest stills and a popular actress reveals how a famed director asked her to sleep with him.

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