OMG! Ranveer Singh Drops His Pants Down Before a Popular Actress

By Prakash Babu, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

ranveer-shirtless-showbizbites-02Ranveer Singh love story news always grabs the attention of the masses and his fans. Since this actor loves generating buzz through his linkups with various actresses, the media and the web are always laced with scoops on him. The latest one is not about his affair rather about something else – something really interesting and spicy.

Ranveer appeared without clothes in front of a popular actress. Well, you must be curious to know more about this incident and about the actress’ identity. She is none other than his co-star in recently released Kill Dill – Pareenti Chopra, who shared the incident as to how Ranveer Singh came up without clothes in front of her?

Parineeti says that with Ranveer, you can expect anything, as he is very carefree ilk of a guy. She says that she normally enters into any artist’s makeup van by saying ‘hello, it’s me’. But whenever she wants to enter into Ranveer’s van, she first takes the permission and then enters. This is because he is not a sort of artist who you may expect to be sleeping or vanishing into the washroom instead you may expect whether he is in his clothes or not. She continues saying that there have been many instances when you just slip into his van and found him standing in front of you without clothes. Therefore, you have to be cautious before entering his van – take his permission first and then enter.


Parineeti quips that Ranveer does not mind it if you enters into his van without his permission, but if you do your life can then witness a change when you stumble upon him without clothes. She continues unzipping the truth that this has been taking place since the time he made his debut with Band Baaja Baarat. Parineeti says that she used to enter his van and find him sitting without clothes. She further unzips the facts that Ranveer takes off his pants in public.

Mentioning an incident, Parineeti says that once she was getting her makeup done for shooting of a movie, by the time it was over and she turned her face back, she found him without pants. She says that Ranveer is simply a shameless guy.


Well, it is sure that more than the juicy bites on Ranveer Singh love story news, this special feature on his shameless nature would be more interesting for you. Let us hear you thoughts on it in comments section below. Also read other posts such as Rashmi Desai’s best hot and cleavage moments (hot photos), Bollywood’s leading actress CAUGHT without clothes (surprising and yummiest photos), Tabu shows how BIGGER her assets are! (hottest ever photos), Controversial Veena Malik slips into bathtub dropping clothes (lip smacking photos), Shreya Saran covers her biggest assets with arms, but cleavage is out (hottest ever pictures) and  Check out Bollywood’s biggest ever assets of an actress (juicy and lip-smacking photos).

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