R…Rajkumar 17th Day Box Office Collections – 76 Crore Business

By Kalpana Mathur, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

r...rajkumar-still-01-showbizbitesR…Rajkumar 16th day box office collections were simply awesome, as the movie received the earning of 1.50 crore, which was simply nice and attractive from all aspects. The film so far has been marvelous at the box office producing the business what the investors like to have. R…Rajkumar 17th day box office collections came as brilliant again, as the movie earned 1.00 crore. The film’s business is really impressive and it has been enticing the cast, crew and the distributors of the movie. The film is being supported well by the audiences and they are determined to provide more support to the film, which is the reason that the movie has been endowing the makers good business to enjoy with.

Well, now, as R…Rajkumar 16th day box office collections are impressive and added sparkles to the movie’s business in total. The film will continue doing the same adding good business to the overall total of the movie. This is the reason that R…Rajkumar 17th day box office collections arrived with oomph and vigor at the box office.


The film carries what the moviegoers want apart from what the critics wrote about the film. This is the main reason that the film’s business has been alluring and goes on well. R…Rajkumar 16th day box office collections are nice and looted the hearts of the moviegoers and in particular the distributors. And R…Rajkumar 17th day box office collections too hit the jackpot with enticing business such as 1.00 crore. In total, the film’s overall business in 17 days now stands at the figure of 75.97 crore. You may now read the future business of the movie as well at this place. Come back to read R…Rajkumar 18th day box office collections at this website. Meanwhile, just enjoy reading the articles such as Arrambam 52nd day box office collections, Dhoom 3 2nd day box office collections, Biriyani 2nd day box office collections and Kate Middleton follows Kim Kardashian style statement.

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