Satya 2 Opens to Poor Occupancy

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

Satya-2-cast-crew-showbizbitesSatya 2 opening day occupancy has been dull, as per the early estimates and reports. The film is a sequel to Ram Gopal Varma’s 1998’s hit gangster movie ‘Satya’. But the audiences could not be supportive for the film despite the fact that the film received mixed reviews from the critics. Noted critics even wrote well about the film, nonetheless the viewers could not come out to support the film at ticket windows. The ticket windows are found empty. This is really a poor response for the film and its business. The distributors would really be sad. The opening day occupanxy so far is around 5% in the country.

Multiplexes and even single screens, as per reports, did not bring up good business for the film. The major reason behind the poor occupancy is a low profile star cast. The movie should have carried some noticeable names. The script and the execution of the film is great, but the movie got damaged by the low profile star cast. Well, Satya 2 opening day occupancy is dull and there are no signs that the later shows of the days would bring any lucrative business.

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The film, if the business goes on like this being dull, will soon be termed as ‘FLOP’. Let’s wait and see what happens to it. Satya 2 opening day occupancy clearly shows the film will have to struggle a lot to even sustain and run at the box office. If you like this article, you may like reading other stories such as Krrish 3 1st week box office collections, Satya 2 Movie Review and Satya 2 box office predictions.

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