Thenaliraman 1st Weekend Collections – Stupendous Business

By Kalpana Mathur, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

Thenaliraman-showbizbitesThenaliraman 1st weekend box office collections depict that the movie has been fine at the box office producing satisfactory and enticing business results for the people associated with the movie’s business. Thenaliraman 3rd day box office collections (1st Sunday) too are fine to talk about. Thenaliraman 1st Sunday box office collections reveal the increase in business and this is what everyone wants to see when there is a holiday.

Holiday factor worked for the movie though a slight jump was witnessed, but this jump made the film’s business all set to sail through in weekdays. Thenaliraman 1st weekend box office collections’ break-down – let’s check out.

Thenaliraman 1st day box office collections: 4.5 crore

Thenaliraman 2nd day box office collections: 4.7 crore

Thenaliraman 3rd day box office collections: 5.1 crore

Thenaliraman Total Domestic Box Office Collections in 3 Days: 14.30 crore


The movie is a great source of entertainment for the moviegoers. It is a historical fiction Tamil comedy that has been providing joys to the cinema lovers from the day one. The coming weekdays will be bringing up good nice business, as it is vivid from Thenaliraman 1st weekend box office collections. The business so far seems really fine and satisfactory. After now reading about Thenaliraman 3rd day box office collections, you guys can now come back to this website to read more about the film’s business. Meanwhile, just chill with other posts on the website such as Legend 24th day box office collections and total business updates, 2 States 1st weekend collections and 2 States overseas box office collections.

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