Himmatwala 5th Day Box Office Collections – Himmatwala 1st Tuesday Total Collections

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

tamannaah dancing-himmatwala-showbizbitesHimmatwala 5th day box office collections, well, you can learn about the same now as they are out. The movie, as we have been mentioning in our previous reports that it is on way to decline, has started declining significantly at the box office. Now very soon, the film will close up its business at the domestic box office and the same is the case at overseas box office. The film is a big failure. On its 5th day, the movie collected or Himmatwala 1st Tuesday box office collections are just 4.10 crore nett in India. When a film is a big budget production and carries the big names and bigger production houses are at the back to finance the film, on its fifth day this kind of business report is just a failure.

It is not a small budget or mediocre type of movie that one can raise big slogans or the investors simply jump on their feet seeing 4.10 crore domestic collections on 5th day business. Rather Himmatwala carries all big, thus it is simply a poor business in every sense of the word. Sajid Khan, the overconfident man, simply fell flat and that too very badly. From now onwards, he will surely try to hide his overconfidence that he only makes 100 crore films (as he was found saying the same in many online reports).

Himmatwala total 5 days business or in other words the total business till first Tuesday is only 39.74 crore nett in India. The film is now onwards to windup the business and the windup will happen soon in India and abroad.


Himmatwala 5th day box office collections are not the ones to talk big about. They are simply down. Ajay Devgn’s booming career will surely affect by this failure. Had Sajid Khan used his mind properly or injected novelty into the narrative, the film would have been a success if not a 100 crore movie. Let’s come back to read Himmatwala 6th day box office collection at this space. Till then enjoy reading analytical report on Himmatwala box office collections & updates and you can also love reading about Aatma box office collections. There is also an analytical report on Mere Dad Ki Maruti box office collections.

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