Kelly Brook Finally Opens Up About Her Diet Plan – Unzips About Husband’s Contribution to Her Weight Loss

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Well, there is no denying that people all over the world are much inclined towards learning celebrities’ diet plans. The news about celebrities diet plans often makes the rounds of the media, and these days even social media is well-equipped with these kinds of news items. Weight loss is the central focus and pivotal attention of all and sundry no matter whether you are a female or male, it is a concern of all of us. Therefore, we keep following the diet plans used by celebrities and even whatever attracts us to get a slim body. We often witness celebrities unzipping their fitness and diet tips. This post brings you Kelly Brook diet plan she follows to keep her fit and healthy.

Kelly Brook Diet Plan Explained

If you want to lose weight, you may follow this beautiful, fit, and curvaceous structured celebrity’s diet plan. Recently, this beautiful TV star has unzipped that she has lost two stone since 2017 and eventually opened up on how she achieved her goal. If you like to lose weight, the tips she gave to her fans can be beneficial.

Kelly Brook Diet Plan

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Kelly even though is proud of her dedication to her weight loss plan, she has no plans to lose her curves. Talking about her diet and fitness regime, Brook says that her breakfast depends on what she has planned for the day.

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How Did Kelly Lose Weight?

If Kelly Brook is in no hurry, she would like to eat a granola bar and go for a cup of coffee. On the other hand, if Kelly is in a hurry, she likes to have a shake (balanced meal shake to make her body slim). Brook’s lunch normally carries another slim shake or one of the weight loss brand’s meal bars. On part of dinner, it is more of an occasion and this is when she would like to spend quality time with her husband Jeremy Parisi.

Jeremy Parisi’s Contribution to Kelly Brook Diet Plan 

Husband Jeremy is always very curious about his wife’s healthy routine. He makes sure that a hearty but healthy dinner is ready by the time she returns home at night. Kelly excitedly tells the media that she comes home and finds a nice cooked meal. She says Jeremy is so romantic that she always lights a candle and sets the table which makes the ambiance utterly romantic for both of us. After we eat the dinner, we go out for a lot of walking. On weekends, we tread with our dog for two-hour hikes.

Marriage Date and Her Thoughts on Being Married

She tied the knot with Jeremy on 30th July 2022. They have been together for almost 10 years now. Kelly is of the view that being married makes a difference. Kelly Brook says that today we both feel that we are a family. Marriage makes us feel more connected. According to her, they have surpassed being boyfriend and girlfriend and have become family.

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