EXCLUSIVE: LISTEN Kapil Sharma Threatens and Abuses the Editor and Says Your Daughter Wants to Sleep with Me

The comedian once again is under controversies – Kapil Sharma’s abusive tweets and his abusive call to the Editor grab huge attention

By Kalpana Mathur, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

Kapil Sharma’s abusive tweetsKapil Sharma’s abusive tweets which he wrote against SpotBoye have started making the rounds of the media and social media now. Initially he told that his account was hacked but later admitted writing those. Since the time Kapil fought with Sunil Grover on plane last year in March 2017, his career has not been well. His movie ‘Firangi’ too flopped and then his show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ could not survive. Thus after a pause, he returned to television once again with an altogether new show and new format ‘Family Time with Kapil’. Unfortunately, the show could not connect with the audiences at all.

His new show just started airing from March 25th but the rating is not up to the mark, as his previous shows had. This weekend the channel will air the rerun of the previous episodes of Family Time with Kapil, as the comedian has not shot for the new episodes.

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The reports also reveal that the show with Rani Mukerji and the kids of Hitchki team was cancelled again and again due to Kapil Sharma. His career seems to be going down both in films and on television. There is nothing new in his comedy as well – the old time and tested joked have now no place with the viewers. If we go with the reports and they are to be believed, Bollywood industry and television fraternity both are upset with his behavior. He comes late on the shoots and makes them wait long. He often cancels the shoots.

His twitter rant against Vicky Lalwani, Editor SpotBoye, has started spreading all over like wildfire. Kapil Sharma not only abused him on twitter, but also called him and threatened and abused him on the phone. He recorded the call and now has issued it on digital media. As per Vicky, he just reported the truth about his shows and his behavior on which Kapil did all this. Whatever the matter is, Kapil had to be nice and avoided abuse.

Kapil Sharma’s abusive tweets

Once you play it and listen, you will surprise to learn the new and actual personality of the popular comedy star. Let’s hear the recording now.

(Audio Clip Courtesy: SPOTBOYE)

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