Legend 1st Weekend Collections, Mind Blowing Business

By Kalpana Mathur, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

legend-still-showbizbites-01Legend 1st weekend box office collections have really impressed all and sundry in particular the people associated with this film and the investors. Well, Legend 3rd day box office collections too have sent smiles on all of those people’s faces though they appeared lesser than the previous day i.e. Sunday. But the fact of the matter is that the business in total is mammoth and cheering.

Balakrishna’s Legend has been doing marvelous among the cinegoers and at the box office and in three days, the film has posted great business on scorecard. Legend 3rd day box office collections (1st Sunday) are 8.10 crore whereas Legend 2nd day box office collections (1st Saturday) were 9.22 crore that was a great jump in comparison of the opening day.

Now Legend 1st weekend box office collections have turned out to be 24.67 crore (7.35 + 9.22 + 7.10) – that is simply awesome and marvelous.


Balakrishna’s movie is all set to even keep enticing the cinema lovers in weekdays though the drops would be witnessed. But they are bound to happen on weekdays. Legend 1st weekend box office collections show the movie will keep going handsomely in coming days. Let’s wait and see. You guys now after learning about 1st weekend and Legend 3rd day box office collections can return to this website to learn more about the movie and its business. Meanwhile, enjoy reading other cool posts on the website such as Madhuri Dixit’s hottest cleavage pictures, Kajal Aggarwal’s sizzling photos and international star Sam Faiers looks stunning in Daisy Street Mini.

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