When Ranbir and Katrina Can Enjoy All Perks Available in a Room, Then Why to Get Married?

By Kalpana Mathur, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

ranbir-katrina-02Ranbir Kapoor marriage has always been the talk of the town, media and his fans. His link ups with the actresses and the gossips about his romance have always grabbed quite a big attention in the media. Ranbir, his love life and Ranbir Kapoor marriage have always been the hot talk and the topic of the gossips magazines and tabloids. Well, since the day, he and Katrina Kaif have moved in to live life together, the rumors and talks about their marriage on cards have been the key topic of all and sundry.

Katrina too was found and spotted mingling up with Ranbir Kapoor’s family members in recent past. She has been in touch with them. This all shows, the marriage plans might happen soon. But nothing can be said, because when Ranbir and Deepika Padukone’s romance was high, she too had been mingling with his family quite a lot. Ranbir still does not seem to be serious in settling down in life. He wants to enjoy life with every beautiful actress comes on Bollywood front. This is what his personality and behavior show.


He even proved it in a recent interview that marriage was not on the cards yet since he had not decided when would he get married? Continuing with letting the media know, he said that he always believed that marriage was something which had to happen organically. He mentioned that he was not that type of person who said he was 32 now, so let’s get married now. He said that he was quite happy with the way his life was going on.

He further explained that when he felt to have kids or his partner (Katrina Kaif) and he decided that it was organic thing now to tie the knot, he would marry.


This shows both Ranbir and Katrina are just enjoying their live-in relationship. Anyway, live-in relationship, in other words, is also a marriage (hope you get my point, guys). When all perks are available without a legal bonding, then why to get married…hmmm? Anyway, keep hitting this website to learn more juicy stories on Ranbir Kapoor marriage and his plans for marriage (if happen in near future) and ofcourse about his linkups. Also read other posts on the website such as Varun Dhawan and Yami Gautam – is marriage on the cards? Tanishaa Mukerji shows deep cleavage at a recent awards event (photos) and Parineeti Chopra’s career best lip locks with costars (hottest photos).

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