Satyagraha 1st Monday Box Office Collections – Business Drops

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

satyagraha-filmstill-showbizbitesSatyagraha 1st Monday box office collections dropped tremendously at the domestic box office. It was not being expected what happened to film’s business altogether. Well, often it is seen that the movie’s business drops significantly on first Monday. Thus, it is not new at all. But the fact remains, it will affect on film’s business and the investors’ profits. Overall, the film’s domestic business is so far superb. The film made whopping 44.19 crore in Indian market only.

Satyagraha 4th day box office collections are 5.07 crore in domestic circuit, which are not impressive at all from all aspects. The film’s business should have been great and impressive, as it showed in last three days. From now onwards and seeing the Monday’s business, it appears the movie will now hardly get a boost. Satyagraha 1st Monday box office collections have cleared the picture in detail.


Therefore, if the business gets a boost, it will be a miracle. The movie received positive reviews from the critics and the audiences turned out to be well-supportive too, but what happened to them altogether on Monday, it is really confused. If anyone is thinking of a 100 crore’s business in domestic market, well, it is not going to happen for sure. After reading Satyagraha 1st Monday box office collections, you could come again at this website to read Satyagraha 5th day box office collections. Till then you are offered to read other articles on the site such as Old Couple Rescues Akshay Kumar and Satyagraha 1st weekend box office collections.

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