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Special 26 box office collection report is out eventually. The first day of the film has wrapped up churning out the business of the film. The film opened average and was lower as far as the box office business than ABCD – ANY BODY CAN DANCE that opened much better than it. Morning and matinee showed went into ABCD’s favor but the evening shows turned the game in Special 26’s favor.

Special 26 was released in 1750 screens in India and the initial business was around 60%. But in the evening, the film picked up momentum crossing and beating out ABCD fully at box office race.

In big cities, Special 26’s business was commendable but in small cities, it hardly did better (as per reports).

The film will have to churn out more business over the weekend and days to come in order to cover the cost since the film’s budget is budget is more than its genre.

Special 26 first day box office collection is INR 6.75 crore nett.

12 days total business in domestic market so far is commendable as the film grossed INR 76.18 crore nett at the box office.

Total Special 26 13 days box office collections have been really praiseworthy since the film is on way to show its class after getting mixed reviews from the critics all over India and abroad.  The movie grossed INR 3.38 crore nett in India so far. The film is expected to do more business in domestic market. In 13 days, the film collected INR 79.56 crore from domestic market.

A little drop in business has been witnessed in the following day business i.e. 14th day. The film dropped a little bit of business at the ticket window. But this slightly drop cannot affect the overall results of the film, which are good so far. Special 26 14 days box office collections are INR 3.12 crore making the total business so far as 82.68 crore nett.

Well, the business of the film has now begun dropping a bit, but it does not spoil the overall worth of the movie at all. The total business of the film seems good. Akshay Kumar would really be benefited with this film’s growth at the box office. Kumar has been on way to generate good success at ticket window since last year with the hits like Rowdy Rathore and Housefull 2.

Total Special 26 15 days box office collections have been magnificent so far. On 15th day, the film generated 2.86 crore making the total business for 15 days as INR 85.54 crore nett in domestic market.

Akshay Kumar happens to be a lucky man rather lucky actor with successes coming up and up in his way. Well, the actor has to maintain the luck because often we see him dropping the lucky charm on and off. Well, overall the actor has been tremendous for last few years or so. His latest venture Special 26’s 16 days box office collections are 2.68 crore.

The film continues to charm the Hindi audiences and the viewers too do not seem to get tired from this cinematic treat of Khiladi bhaiya. The Khiladi has proved that he is a true Khiladi of Bollywood who can really excel in all kinds of roles and the same he has done in Special 26. Well, for Special 26 17th day box office collections, they are here – the movie grossed 2.29 crore at the domestic box office making the total for 17th days as 90.51 crore nett in India.

Kumar’s Special 26 is being loved by his crazy fans and the masses of all sorts. The movie has potential to raise the spirits. The story is being worked with the audiences who are giving their full support to the movie by landing on theaters. The film is going great guns producing good results at the ticket window and that is really a good sign. The investors are surely happy with pockets full of profits. Special 26 18th day box office collections are really mind blowing once again. The film collected 2.02 crore in India on 18th day. The total so far business in domestic market is 92.53 crore nett.

Although the business has now started dropping a little bit at the box office but this thing happens when a movie gets a bit old, this does not mean at all that the film has lost the interest of the audiences and the worth. The film keeps growing and growing by producing results at ticket window. The moviegoers’ full support is with the film and that shows from the BO. Well, Special 26 19th day box office collections are 1.80 crore in India. Total business so far in India is 94.33 crore.

Akshay is all over the scene. The sucecssfull and classy actor, who is not in the run of Khans, is all over the minds of the viewers. He has his own distinction and the skilled actor displays his art to get success – he does not slip into the run of the Bollywood’s leading Khans and that’s his dexterity. The superb actor’s Special 26 20th day box office collections are 1.26 crore in India – nice one. Go on, man.

This man called Akshay Kumar does not stop enticing and alluring his fans in the world and he keeps on doing the same. With his latest outing Special 26, he lets the viewers have joys as well. The audiences too have been supporting him fully since the release of the movie. The film has spent 21 days in theaters. Well, Special 26 21st day box office collections are what you guys must be interested in. They are 1.14 crore in domestic market. The total is now 96.73 crore nett.

The film has now spent 25 days at the box office producing business to rave about. The business surely has been on way to make good profits for the stakeholders. The film has been showing good results making Akshay Kumar more popular. let’s check out Special 26 25 days box office collections, which are 0.82 crore (82 lakhs). The business has now begun dropping and well, this has to happen as the wind up is coming up.

Special 26 Domestic Box Office Collections’ Breakup:

Special 26 1st Day Box Office Collections: INR 6.75 crore

Special 26 2nd Day Box Office Collections: INR 9.50 crore

Special 26 3rd Day Box Office Collections: INR 9.10 crore

Special 26 4th Day Box Office Collections: INR 7.15 crore

Special 26 5th Day Box Office Collections: INR 6.90 crore

Special 26 6th Day Box Office Collections: INR 6.46 crore

Special 26 7th Day Box Office Collections: INR 6.08 crore

Special 26 8th Day Box Office Collections: INR 5.40 crore

Special 26 9th Day Box Office Collections: INR 5.57 crore

Special 26 10th Day Box Office Collections: INR 5.02 crore

Special 26 11th Day Box Office Collections: INR 4.35 crore

Special 26 12th Day Box Office Collections: INR 3.90 crore

Special 26 13th Day Box Office Collections: INR 3.38 crore

Special 26 14th Day Box Office Collections: INR 3.12 crore

Special 26 15th Day Box Office Collections: INR 2.86 crore

Special 26 16th Day Box Office Collections: INR 2.68 crore

Special 26 17th Day Box Office Collections: INR 2.29 crore

Special 26 18th Day Box Office Collections: INR 2.02 crore

Special 26 19th Day Box Office Collections: INR 1.80 crore

Special 26 20th Day Box Office Collections: INR 1.26 crore

Special 26 21st Day Box Office Collections: INR 1.14 crore

Special 26 22nd Day Box Office Collections: INR 0.95 crore (95 lakhs)

Special 26 23rd Day Box Office Collections: INR 0.90 crore (90 lakhs)

Special 26 24th Day Box Office Collections: INR 0.86 crore (86 lakhs)

Special 26 25th Day Box Office Collections: INR 0.82 crore (82 lakhs)

Total Special 26 25 Days Box Office Collections (Domestic) First Weekend, Second Weekend, Third Weekend, Fourth Weekend and Fifth WeekendCollections: 100.26 crore nett

Kumar’s Special 26 is getting glorified and on way to sparkle at the box office and among the moviegoers. The movie has now crossed the 100 crore mark in domestic market that has taken place in 5th weekend.

Special 26 Overseas Box Office Collections in First Weekend:

The film opened well in overseas market and got marvelous response from the international circuit by grossing good business in its first weekend. The breakup for overseas market is as under:

UK: £ 1,07,520 (INR 90.81 lakhs)

USA: $4,62,262 (INR 2.49 crore)

UAE: $3,95,000 (INR 2.13 crore)

Australia: A$86,777 (INR 47.98 crore)

New Zealand: NZ$34,929 (INR 15.64 lakhs)

Fiji: FJD 21,777 (INR 6.65 lakhs)

Total First Weekend Overseas Business for Special 26: INR 6.28 crore nett

Keep updated to read the freshly updated report of Special 26 box office collection by visiting this space daily.

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Special 26 Box Office Prediction (Prior to Release Content):

Special 26 box office collection is what would be the main focus of the Hindi film audiences when the movie hits the screens. The film is slated for release on 8th February 2013 all over in India and abroad. The film stars the likes of Akshay Kumar, Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher and Kajal Agarwal plus others in main roles. All eyes are fully focused and fixed on Special 26 review that will be out for the viewers on the same day (release date).

Well, till the box office reports begin happening in the media and the trade pundits and trade analysts start dashing off them, people have begun talking about Special 26 box office predictions. Why is this so? This is because people living in sub-continent in particular are much fond of making predictions about everything. This can be called their favorite hobby. Whatsoever it is, the fact of the matter is it is good to get yourself involved in some creative work.

Special 26 talks about a jewelry heist taken place at a jewelry showroom way back in 1987 when a group of 26 people pretending to be the investigation officers from central bureau came and walked away with the jewelry worth millions.

Special-26-still-showbizbites-01The film is a true story but some fiction has also been used into the narrative to make it a celluloid treat for the cinegoers. Apparently the story has potential to click the hearts of the moviegoers. We have also seen the examples like this which worked well at the box office such as Once Upon a Time in Mumbai (Mumbaai) and many others. The plots of these kinds always work on Hindi cinema provided that they are made with conviction, injecting good content and using powerful script with obviously good performances.

Get ready to read our Special 26 review and our knitted BO report on Special 26 box office collection.

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