Top 5 Moments When Salman Khan Pulled Katrina Kaif’s Leg

By Kalpana Mathur, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

salman-katrina-showbizbites-05We all are aware of the news that Salman Khan called Katrina Kaif ‘Katrina Kapoor’ at the wedding ceremony of his sister Arpita Khan’s marriage. He even asked her that she has missed the chance of being Mrs. Khan. Well, this is not the first time that Salman pulled Katrina’s leg in public or in the media; he has done so many a times in the past. This post brings you the Top 5 moments when Salman Khan pulled Katrina Kaif’s leg. Let’s check out.


  1. Arpita Khan’s Wedding Ceremony

The most recent leg pulling of Katrina Kaif is at Salman khan’s sister Arpita Khan’s marriage when he called her on stage. By the time Katrina did not move, he called her ‘Kapoor please come’. Then he went on saying ‘Ok fine, not Katrina Kaif – Katrina Kapoor please come on stage’. The actress became much embarrassed among all the guests and the Bollywood celebrities out there. She nonetheless made her way to stage where Salman said to much embarrassed Katrina ‘Mai Kya Karoon *what should I do now?)… I gave you a chance to become Mrs. Khan, but you opt to be Katrina Kapoor’.


  1. Bigg Boss Show

Post their break up, Katrina Kaif came on Bigg Boss show for the promotion of her movie ‘Tees Maar Khan’. Salman asked her that she has worked with him and Akshay Kumar, now you have caught Ranbir Kapoor. So, now you want to go more down? Do you want more younger guy?


  1. Coffee with Karan

Karan Johar asked Salman on his show that what kind of advice he wanted to give Ranbir Kapoor? To this question, Khan replied ‘Have Fun’. But when Karan gave him the option of Katrina Kaif, Khan replied ‘Make sure, Ranbir does not have fun.’


  1. Again on Coffee with Karan’s Rapid Fire Round

When Karan threw a question to Salman Khan, as to what would you do if you get up as Ranbir Kapoor? To which Salman Khan replied ‘Is Salman lucky or me?’ But on the question about what would Salman do if he wakes up as Katrina Kaif? He replied ‘where is Ranbir?’.


  1. Introduction to His New Girlfriend to Katrina Kaif

At his sister Arpita’s marriage, Salman again took a dig at Katrina Kaif when he walked up to her with his new girlfriend Lulia Vantur and introduced her to Katrina.

Well, these are just Top 5 moments when Salman Khan pulled Katrina Kaif’s leg, whereas there are many other occasions as well when he took a dig at her. Also enjoy other posts such as Salman Khan’s new girlfriend Lulia Vantur’s hottest images, Shraddha Kapoor the cover girl for L’Officiel magazine and Top 5 Katrina Kaif’s most controversial moments (yummy photos).

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