Veena Malik Quits Showbiz – Is It Reality or Another Drama?

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

veena with husband asad-showbizbites-01Veena Malik quits showbiz – yes, this is what has been spread all over the media and this is what she reveals to the media that she has left the entertainment industry. Malik has made an announcement that she has quit the movies and entertainment business and would only participate in those ventures which would be of religious or social messages. She said that an Islamic scholar has changed her and her life completely. Talking to media, Veena said that she had left the showbiz industry from now onwards.

She further revealed that from now onwards, she will not be seen in any of Indian of Pakistani films or shows. Veena also mentioned that she was going to say sorry to Indian producers with whom she had signed the projects. She talked to the media in Saudi Arabia, where she went to perform Umrah with her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak.

Well, Veena Malik quits showbiz is what is the hot topic among the masses in India and Pakistan for sure.

She clearly depicted that she would not act in any of films in India or Pakistan and would be the part of the ventures which would carry social or welfare themes.

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According to Veena Malik, the internationally famed Pakistani religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel changed her and her life. Talking to the media she further revealed that she made a promise with Maulana Sahib not to take her dupatta (head scarf) off her head. She further said that she would not break this promise for the rest of her life.

Veena said that her well-wishers from Pakistan, India and around the world congratulated her on her decision. Malik said that like other humans, she too has done many mistakes in life and she has sought forgiveness from Allah (God) for her mistakes. Thus, she now would like to work for the betterment and welfare of the people. She also asks the masses and her fans to pray for her so that she would be stuck to this change for the rest of her life.

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Apart from Veena Malik quits showbiz, another latest report is that she is in talks with two Pakistani news channels for a morning show’s hosting with her husband (as per the online reports). Let’s see if this show would be religious or about the welfare of the people. If not, then Veena will have to answer the masses about her another change, as to why she broke the promise? Let’s wait and see what happens because her personality is what no one can trust on. If she has actually changed, then it would be great. Also read One By Two opens to pretty lower occupancy, One By Two Movie Review, Jai Ho 1st week box office collections with trade analysis, Jilla 21st day box office collections and Veeram 21st day box office collections.

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