1 Nenokkadine 32nd Day Collections – Lackluster Business Continues

By Anil Kumar, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

1 nenokkadine film photo-showbizbites1 Nenokkadine 32nd day box office collections show the drop again in business. Mahesh Babu’s film has been showing the drops for last many days or so. But the fact of the matter is that the movie keeps running producing whatsoever business it brings up for the investors. Well, the film will still keep going on at theaters and this is undoubtedly the best thing for the movie and its stakeholders. Now the present situation of the movie clearly depicts that the film will now stay at cinemas for few more days or could be out of the cinemas in two or three days.

Well, let’s wait to see what happens. 1 Nenokkadine 32nd day box office collections show the movie has now lost the magic on the viewers and yes, it is ture. You can judge the same from the present business of the film. The total domestic collections in 32 days now come up as 60.42 crore.

1 nenokkadine film photo-showbizbites-01

1 Nenokkadine 32nd day box office collections are merely 13 lakhs (approx). There are no expectations at all for any good business in coming days. You may just expect the wind up of the business and that is what has to happen next for the movie. Come back to read 1 Nenokkadine 33rd day box office collections. In the meantime, you guys can just enjoy with other articles on the website such as Jai Ho 18th day box office collections, Hollywood hottie Kim Kardashian bares chest (see hottest picture), Jilla 31st day collections, Veeram 31st day collections, Heart Attack 10th day collections and Hasee Toh Phase 1st weekend collections.

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