Having a Fit Body Like Disha Patani is No Dream Anymore – Check it Out

Well, there is no denying in saying that all of us would like to know about workout celebrities do. This is the curiosity that comes out of the craziness we possess for our icons and celebrities. Workout has immense importance in our lives, it not only stays us fit but also provides us with peace of mind. Obviously, the celebrities keep taking exercises at home and going to gym to keep them fit to get work and of course to get noticed. Don’t you think, we must also do it to be fit and healthy? Yes, surely, we have to do it, and make it our routine. Disha Patani is among those Bollywood actresses, who are supremely fit and attractive because of their heavy workout routines. Want to know about Disha Patani fitness routine? Let’s learn it in detail.

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Check Out Disha Patani Fitness Routine

Talking about Disha Patani’s biography, this beautiful Indian actress works primarily in Hindi movies. Patani’s acting career started with a Telugu movie ‘Loafer’ opposite Varun Tej. But she gained recognition with her character in the sports biopic flick ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’. Disha was born on 30th June 1992 in Bareilly, India. This celebrity fitness mantra is what everybody wants to learn about.

Disha’s fit body is undoubtedly the inspiration to many, this helps people and her fans start working out like her. Disha Patani Instagram posts keeps showing the actress sweating it out at the gym. She does a variety of exercises to retain her fit body.

Disha Patani Fitness Routine

Image Courtesy: Disha Patani Instagram

Let’s Find Out More About Disha’s Fitness Regime

She mixes her fitness routine with various types of workouts. The trained gymnast goes to gym twice a day for four days a week, but works out daily. Let’s dip into her fitness routine:

  • She does cardio in the morning like dance, gymnastics and kickboxing.
  • Patani does yoga or swimming in the morning.
  • She also does weight training in the evening.

Apart from the above routine, she loves doing strength training. She can do B-Towner hip thrusts. If you love to have a body like Disha Patani, you should go for this same routine. If there is a problem hitting the gym, you may do home workout. Or if you are the one, who prefers going to gym. But if you are unable to locate it, no problem at all, in this technological advanced world, you may search numerous options by just searching ‘gym near to me’.

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Disha is crazy for kickboxing, and keeps posting videos about her kickboxing skills on her social media accounts. There is no second thought about the importance of kickboxing, as it burns calories as well as keeps the heart healthy and makes the body flexible.

Disha never forgets doing cardio workout daily. Patani’s cardio consists of workouts like cycling, running, swimming and dancing. If you do 20 minutes of cardio daily and makes it your daily routine, you may get the figure like Disha and may reduce your weight. The best thing is that you may do cardio workouts at home also, if you cannot manage going to gym.

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Disha Patani Diet Plan

She is very careful in eating diet, and prefers to go with a balanced diet plan. Disha’s typical breakfast incorporates 2 to 3 eggs, juice and milk. In between for some days, she also goes for cereals and milk. In the evening, she eats almonds and peanuts. In her dinner, Disha eats foods which ae high in protein such as eggs, chicken, brown rice or dal and salads.

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