Besharam 8th Day Box Office Collections – Not Able to Recover Investment

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

besharam-image-showbizbitesBesharam 8th day box office collections let us know that the drop in business keeps happening and it doesn’t stop at all. The movie’s worth has dropped completely down in the eyes of the moviegoers, who do not approve of the film. The film has been struggling really hard to keep its pace, but fails to generate any oomph value among the filmgoers. The flick earned just 1.70 crore at domestic box office, which is absolutely not a good or impressive figure. Ranbir Kapoor and his parents starrer entertainer could not generate any liking among their fans and viewers at all. The presence of Ranbir’s family with him even could not get the viewers out to watch the film at theaters.  It is a complete disaster all the way.

The film is not going to make any waves in next few days. It seems the movie even will not be able to cover the investment costs. It is really bad and would be a big loss if the film does not enter into profits. Well, Besharam 8th day box office collections show the movie will be able to stay at theaters for few days, as the audiences have lost interest in it and there is no word of mouth publicity for the film. The total collections in domestic market in 8 days now stand at 54 crore.

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Post learning about Besharam 8th day box office collections, you guys can now learn the future business updates of the movie at this website. Just return to read Besharam 8th day box office collections at this place. Meantime, you may read other stories like Akshay Kumar dances with students at Nagpur College, Akshay Kumar’s BOSS beats Michael Jackson record and Phata Poster Nikla Hero 20th day box office collections.

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