Ghanchakkar Movie Review

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

Ghanchakkar-Poster-showbizbitesProducer: Ronnie Screwvala and Siddhart Roy Kapur

Director: Rajkumar Gupta

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das

Music: Amit Trivedi

Rating: [rating=1]

Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan’s Ghanchakkar is ready to entertain you. But the question is whether it has the potential to hit your hearts or it will go waste? Let’s explore the answer. Rajkumar Gupta, the man who made the brilliant and critically acclaimed movies – Aamir and No One Killed Jessica, returns with Ghanchakkar. This time he makes a light entertainer. The interesting thing about the movie is that it is one of those crime movies which have humor injected to entice the viewers.

Rajkumar tries hard to make the film a real attention-fetcher but fails to register the impacts on the mind and hearts of the audiences. The film starts off well and goes on smoothly alluring the souls of the viewers, but post interval portion brings up the lackluster episodes, which spoil the pleasures altogether. Even during the first half, you witness the sluggish pace, but that is nonetheless ignorable. The pleasures get actually spoiled when the second half of the movie begins unzipping on screen. The end is anti-climax though a twist has been placed to surprise the viewers.

Well, like majority of the Hindi movies, the script is the actual culprit of the failure of the film. The pairing of Emraan Hashmi and Vidya Balan who allured the cinegoers in The Dirty Picture could not ignite any sparks this time around.

Sanju (Emraan Hashmi) and his two associates in crimes – Pandit (Rajesh Sharma) and Idris (Namit Das) scheme a heist and mark it as their last heist to spend the rest of life luxuriously. They scheme to rob the bank. Everything goes aptly to the plan and the robbery takes place with ease. The two associates show their trust on Sanju to hide the money till the things get okay and the looted money gets split among the robbers. Two months later, when the two returns to collect their share, Sanju refuses to recognize the two claiming to loss his memory. Is he pretending to do so or has he actually lost the memory?

As mentioned earlier that narrative is a big reason of the pleasure-spoiling otherwise the plots of these kinds work big time on screen and among the viewers. Post the robbery, the episodes could have interesting but the writer seems to be running of the ideas. The sluggish pace is another culprit. The viewers expect something interesting with every reel unfolded on screen. But they get disappointed since they find nothing of any interesting moment on celluloid.

Rajkumar Gupta tries hard to make the viewers get entertained from the film. But how could they when the script is boring? Well, the blame of bad writing comes on the director himself as well since he is also credited on writing the script along with Parvez Shiekh. Editing is below average. Cinematography by Setu is not appealing at all. Music by Amit Trivedi is below average.

Emraan Hashmi, the actor who is regarded high because of delivering hits most of the time, chooses the bad script to work in this film. But as far as his acting is concerned, he attracts the viewers. Vidya Balan is wonderful to watch as a Punjabi housewife. She delivers her brilliance in acting department. Rajesh Sharma is fine. Namit Das looks great with his role. Rest of the cast is okay.

vidya in ghanchakkar-showbizbites

Final Verdict:

In a nutshell, Ghanchakkar just carries good performances by the leading characters otherwise there is nothing to attract your eyes. The comedy is boring and the script is a lackluster.

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