Go Goa Gone Opening – Average Occupancy

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

go goa-still-showbizbitesGo Goa Gone opening is not what was being expected from the movie. The film opened to an average occupancy at the domestic box office. The film is a zom-com and it is the first of its kind in Bollywood cinema industry. The movies of these kinds have to be made and appreciated. In Hollywood, zombie movies are made but in Bollywood, these kinds of movies are not made. And now Saif Ali Khan’s production takes the plunge and takes the initiative. Let’s appreciate it.

Go Goa Gone opening day business might be good since the evening shows collections are yet to come. The morning shows reveal an average rather below average occupancy of around 35% in metros and other prominent centers in the country.

The single screens in remote areas produced the dull response so far. But in the major markets like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and other metro cities showed better business.

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Go Goa Gone domestic box office collections for Friday or the day one might be good if the evening shows produce good income. All eyes are focused and there are expectations for the good business in evening shows.

Go Goa Gone opening though is average but still there are expectations, so be geared up to wait. Till then read Go Goa Gone (2013) Movie Review by Film Critic Goher Iqbal Punn. The movie’s updated business for the day one will be published once the collections report arrives from all centers. Till then have fun browsing the site.

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