Indian TV Celebs Mourn on Peshawar Attack on Innocent Kids

Ankit GeraThe Peshawar attack on the innocent children shook the whole world. Hundreds of cute innocent kids were martyred in this terrorist attack on an Army Public school. Where every eye is filled with tears across the globe, Indian entertainment industry too mourned on Peshawar attack in Pakistan. Apart from Bollywood celebrities who mourned on this gruesome attack on innocent kids, Indian television industry too mourned on it. Let’s read their views on this horrible attack, which took the lives of hundreds of innocent kids.

Adesh Chaudhary

Aadesh Chaudhary- It’s an atrocious conduct. How can you kill innocent children who have not done anything wrong in life. I got very disturbed on hearing such news. How can one even think of killing innocent kids?

Tina Dutta-2

Tina Dutta – I saw it on the news channel and was aghast. They should be hanged. How can simple innocent children be put to death in an instant?

Jaswir Kaur-2

Jaswir Kaur- It was a horror sight. It’s a painful sight to see children dying in such a way. I offer prayers to parents who will never forget the gruesome killing day.  

vahbbiz in pink

Vahbiz Dorabajee  – it’s very disappointing to know such cruelty still happens. The kids who have not even lived saw death on the face. I feel loss of words to even react. Killing anyone is wrong.

Gunjan Utreja

Gunjan Utreja – Undoubtedly it was an act of cowardliness. And my heart goes out to all the parents who lost their kids. Our prayers are with them.  But this attack proves that all terrorist activities have no meaning or reason. They are not doing it for any freedom movement or revolution. People are being converted into mindless creatures to just shoot. Otherwise how can you even think of shooting kids?

Shashank Vyas

Shashank Vyas – It was very inhuman act. People killing children on the name of the God and we call children as God. This incident proved this statement false that in every human being God exists. Very shameful and disgusting. I pray power to the families who has lost there kids.

aniruddh Dave

Aniruddh Dave –   Rage! Acts like these prove that humanity does not exist in this world! We shout out loud ! Inhumanity will not be tolerated in India Pakistan or any other corner of the world! It’s our world we have to protect it!

Ajay Singh choudhary

Ajay Chaudhary  – It’s a shock to know that people can be so inhuman. I got a shock when I heard this news. I think there should be lot of security and people should be safe from all this.

Rishina kandhari-3

Rishina Kandhari – I was at a school sports day event when this happened. I took a break of five minutes to visit the powder room the moment I crossed the lobby area of the club where they were flashing the Peshawar news…  I froze I was numb, everything around me became hazy for a moment. It was a senseless act of unspeakable brutality. May God give strength to the parents of those unfortunate children. My deepest condolences to Peshawar! The entire world should Unite and being these ruthless terrorist to book!

Ankit Gera

Ankit Gera – It’s height of inhumanity. Kids are being killed for nothing… I feel sad for Peshawar….disgusting! I support Pakistan for this…may God give strength their families who lost their loving kids… RIP

Muskaan Mihani

Muskaan Mihani –   It was very bad it was like world is going to end now, There is no humanity. People can be so evil I can’t believe this. Why to kill innocent kids? But I am scared to live in this world. RIP to all the kids who died. I feel bad for the families

Sneha Wagh

Sneha Wagh – I got Goosebumps. It’s inhuman. No religion supports killing. And this is evil. Whatever has happened is questionable to the entire human race! Are we really supposed to kill our future ? Heart breaking. My heart aches even looking at the images of the bloodshed. What is the future of our world? Where are we going?

Himmanshoo Ashok Malhotra – It indeed is an act of brutality and cruel some! Such ruthless acts should clearly be discouraged! Innocent lives were lost, around 130 innocent children have been killed! This is an act of madness and insanity at its peak! Talibanis just came and randomly started shooting, burning teachers live in front of the eyes of their students! This is gruesome cruelty and should be condemned by all! I truly feel loss of words here! Sad, sad day indeed!

Vivek Mishra

Vivek Mishra – I am devastated how can anyone hit and kill children! it’s a death of humanity! No one is safe in any place be it school or temple or mosque! I feel like asking if Pakistan government is impotent or what! Why can’t they eliminate talibans and spread the peace?

Adaa Khan

Adaa Khan – My Heart goes out for the kids and their families…. I am just speechless when something so inhuman and barbaric happens. These innocent kids went to school and never came back. May God give strength to their parents to overcome such a big loss it was indeed the most cowardly act. I just wish the world unites against these monsters and wipe out their existence from the face of this earth.

Puneet Sachdev-2

Puneet Sachdev – My first reaction was that the World should end now how can anyone kill innocent children… Hundreds of them… What’s the world has come to…children are children Indian or Pakistani. This act makes me so Sad … RIP

Rashami Desai

Rashami Desai- It was atrocious act. Children who have not even lived are killed for nothing. It demands serious action. I felt very bad when I heard the news. I am not in India but the news reached me.

Rohit Bhardwaj

Rohit Bhardwaj- I am in Indonesia. When I heard about it and saw it on TV I feel lot of anger. This is just not done. Human beings are human beings be it any country and least of all children who are totally innocent what did they do to deserve death like this?

Sachin Parikh-1

Sachin Parikh – I just wept. I didn’t know a human can be so cruel and so inhuman in any state of mind, either they are insane or they are not made by God. God cannot create such creature on earth. They should be sent back immediately from which part of hell they have come from

Shivin Narang-2

Shivin Narang – I was shocked to know this news. And from my side there lot of angry , pain empathy towards them and now I just can do one thing pray for them and their families . And pray to God that this should never happen with anybody again. On the set also we kept silence for two minutes for this. I will never forgive them. I am really in bad state of mind.

Saurabh Raaj Jain

Saurabh Raaj Jain – Heartless inhuman ridiculous way to put forward their point which in itself is pointless. Gruesome killing again and again by these extremists has now reached its epitome, killing innocent children can never have any justification.

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