PHOTOS: Karan Johar Finally Takes His Babies Home

Karan Johar’s babies are the talks of the town, now they finally arrive home

By Kalpana Mathur, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

karan-johars-babiesKaran Johar’s babies now finally arrive home. Yes, this has happened today. On Wednesday, Johar took home his surrogate twins – Roohi and Yash. The babies spent around seven weeks in neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital. He received the babies in the afternoon. A little birdie told that the kids were admitted on February 7th as they were born premature at 30 weeks. Today they are 37 weeks old. The pictures of Karan Johar taking his twin babies home are making the rounds of social media.

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Few days back, Karan said on social media about premature babies that those who had premature babies did not have to get discouraged at all. He mentioned that right kind of care saved the kids. He also said that instead of getting discouraged about preemies, take help of the doctors.



Karan Johar is a happy man now as he has become the father of twins.

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