What The Fish 1st Weekend Box Office Collections – Disappointing Business

By Kalpana Mathur, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

whatthefish-still01-showbizbniotesWhat The Fish 1st weekend box office collections reveal that the film is all geared up to go back home like its rival movie ‘Jackpot’. Well, What The Fish has already been producing bad results and the same is the case with Jackpot as well, but there were some expectations from Sunny Leone’s Jackpot, which now faded away with the 1st weekend business of the movie. Although the 3rd day’s business i.e. What The Fish 1st Sunday box office collections were more than the previous two days, but they are not satisfying at all for the investors. The film has been a disaster at the theaters since the release and it will continue being the same as well. Dimple Kapadia’s centric movie could not impress the audiences and it will not even do the same in the days to come.

The future business will not be good enough at all rather within few days’ time frame, it will go back home for sure. What The Fish 1st weekend box office collections show that the movie has spoiled the pleasures of the moviegoers and because of the same, no good business results came up so far. After learning about What The Fish 1st Sunday box office collections, it is clear that the presence on theaters is very much difficult for the film now.


Dimple Kapadia, though did well in the film, but her movie could not raise the spirits of the filmgoers, who seem disappointed with the film. The business of the flick is really poor and you need not to make any kind of expectations at all. What The Fish 1st weekend box office collections have disappointed everyone and in particular to the distributors of the movie. After reading about What The Fish 1st Sunday box office collections, you guys could come back at this website to learn for the future business of the movie. Come to read What The Fish 4th day box office collections. Meanwhile, just enjoy with other articles on the website such as Arjun Rampal and Sussane Roshan closeness – the cause of Hrithik and Sussanne’s split, Jackpot 1st weekend box office collections, Hollywood star Peter O’Toole died at 81 and read about Govinda’s new music album ‘Gori Tere Naina’.

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