Jackpot 1st Weekend Box Office Collections – Very Poor Business

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

sunny in jackpot-showbizbitesJackpot 1st weekend box office collections have come out letting the moviegoers about the business of the film and movie’s worth at the box office. The film could not get good business at all at theaters, as it has been doing the same on theaters since the release. Sunny Leone’s hot scenes and her presence in the film too could not add sparkles to Jackpot’s worth among the cinemgoers. Best thing is that the movie received positive reviews from the majority of the critics, nonetheless the film’s business is on negative side. The film could not succeed in getting word of mouth publicity as well. This is the main reason that the film did not do well at the box office. Jackpot 1st Sunday box office collections (Jackpot 3rd day box office collection) are merely 1.15 crore.

Total domestic business of the film so far in three days is just 3.50 crore, as it was predicted by us in yesterday’s article. Well, the present situation of the movie shows that the film will not last long at theaters and soon will see the door of home. Jackpot 1st weekend box office collections have revealed everything to us. After reading about Jackpot 1st Sunday box office collections (Jackpot 3rd day collections), it is now pretty much clear that the film is all set to return back home.


Sunny Leone has to very carefully think over the selection of movies though she cannot be offered big banner movies by now, but she has to be careful in deciding about the film’s scripts she signs. Jackpot 1st weekend box office collections show that her career will face the music post the failure of the film. You guys have now learnt about Jackpot 1st Sunday box office collections (Jackpot 3rd day box office collections), now you can read the future business of the movie as well at this website by returning to it again. Till then, you can enjoy with other articles like Arjun Rampal and Sussanne Roshan closeness – the cause of Hrithik and Sussanne’s split, Peter O’Toole died at 81, Kushal Tandon’s father voting to save his son from evictions (read what wrong ways he uses) and What The Fish 2nd day box office collections.

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