Bigg Boss 7 Day 18 – Hell-Side in Heaven and Heaven-Mates in Hell

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

swapping on bigg boss-showbizbitesBigg Boss 7 Day 18 – Well, this episode is really filled with super interesting things to enjoy with. There is also an astonishing thing to happen – yes, the tabadla of both sides is to happen. Bigg Boss calls both Kushal and Kamya in the confession room where they are given the task to discuss with their other housemates to decide two names with mutual discussions – one for the best performer and other for the weak performer from each side. After through discussions, the hell-mates zero in the two names – best performer Apurva and Elli, the weak performer. But there is one opposition i.e. Andy who raises the points that he is the best performer.

Further on Bigg Boss 7 Day 18’s episode, the viewers see that on heaven side, there is a lot of difference of opinion for the selection of two names. Arman is declared the best performer whereas Asif is names a weak performer of the heaven side. But Asif does not agree with the decision. Later on the show, Bigg Boss asks from both sides and hell-side gives two names – Apurva (the best performer) and Elli (weak performer) whereas the heaven-side gives two names as Shilpa (the best performer) and Asif (weak performer).

All the housemates get surprised when Bigg Boss announces the swap. Bigg Boss makes the announcement that everyone except Elli from the hell-side packs the bags and slips into heaven-side whereas from hell-side, everyone except Shilpa goes to hell-side. All the housemates land into lines and then swapping happens.


Post the swapping, Bigg Boss announces that since Tanisha is now on hell-side, she is no longer the captain of the house. Thus, the new captain will soon be appointed. Celebrations happen at heaven-side. Sangram, Apurva, Andy and Pratyusha plunge into the swimming pool to enjoy the pleasurable moment. Both Kamya and Shilpa make tasty pakodas and enjoy with tea. A lot more on Bigg Boss 7 Day 18’s episode, till then enjoy our other articles on website like Phata Poster Nikla Hero 13th day box office collections, Attarintiki Daredi 6th day box office collections, Besharam 1st day box office collections and Sonakshi Sinha to play a Bengali woman in Bullet Raja.

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