Why Celebrities BOYCOTT Kapil Sharma’s New Show?

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

kapil sharma showNew Kapil Sharma Show has started with much oomph on Sony TV and many episodes have aired so far. The show is going gaga, as was being expected before the launch. But there are rumors making the big rounds in the media that Kapil Sharma’s new show is going to be affected massively now, as the celebrities are going to boycott the show. The rumors have it that since Kapil makes big focus on him and his team, this irks the celebrities. Now, the show is going to be celebrity-free.

Well, guys and Kapil’s fans – there is no need to get upset or worried, as all of these rumors are false. There is no truth behind them at all. Thus, be happy, as your favorite show will go on and celebrities will keep pouring on.

new kapil sharma show

New Kapil Sharma Show has much potential to allure the viewers and the host and the team are doing well.

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