Heartless Movie Review

By Goher Iqbal Punn, Film Critic & Entertainment Analyst, Showbiz Bites

heartless-still-showbizbits-01Producer: Alka Suman

Director: Shekhar Suman

Cast: Adhyayan Suman, Ariana Ayam, Deepti Naval and Om Puri

Music: Gurav Dagaonkar and Fuzon

Rating: [rating=2]

Adhyayan Suman’s comeback vehicle ‘Heartless’ is out in theaters. Well, the actor is desperately seeking a hit to make it big in Bollywood since so far he has not been able to do so. He returns to cinema screen after a hiatus courtesy his father Shekhar Suman, who directs and writes story for this flick apart from the acting credit. There is no denying Adhyayan’s career is down rather almost finished since no filmmaker showed any interest or trust on him at all in recent past and because of it, he was empty-handed. Now an effort has been made by his mother (Alka Suman) and father Shekhar Suman to re-launch their son. Thus, he is now heavily dependent on a hit to sustain in Hindi film industry. Now whether this cinematic venture will be a hit or a straight flop, next few days will tell the whole scenario and make the picture crystal clear.

Since we have been seeing many changes and innovations in Hindi movies and film industry since quite some time, we have also witnessed the actors turning producers and directors. Last Friday, Abhay Deol’s production debut ‘One By Two’ hit the screens. With Heartless, Shekhar Suman turns director. Not only does he directs the venture, but also writes the story and acts in the film.

The best thing about Shekhar Suman’s directorial debut is the uniqueness that attracts and holds the values without any doubt. It is not a routine and run of the mill outing. Shekhar makes Heartless different from the routine masala movies. The film is a thriller and talks about the negligence and wrong-doings in medical profession.

From the very outset, let’s make it clear that Shekhar Suman borrows the idea from a Hollywood film ‘Awake’ (2007). It is an adaptation of Awake, but Shekhar changes and modifies it to suit the taste of the Indian audiences.

Heartless tells the story of Aditya aka Addy (Adhyayan Suman). He lives with his mother Gayatri (Deepti Naval). While being on a business trip to Dubai, Addy loses his heart to Riya (Ariana Ayam) who is an employee at a lavish hotel where Addy lives. Since Addy suffers from a heart disease, he now is in need of a heart transplant. A donor is found. Gayatri wants the operation to be done by Dr. Trehan (Om Puri) who has a soft corner for her, but Addy wants it to be done by his friend Sam (Shekhar Suman) who is also a heart surgeon. Mother surrenders to son and the operation begins. By the time Addy’s chest is sliced open, he can hear the conversations happening around him because he is not fully under anesthesia. Surprising truth and the unexpected happenings begin occurring at this stage.

Heartless unzips the facts what will happen to the patient who has not been given the required anesthesia’s dose to perform the operation on? What happens to him when he learns the scheming truths of the people who are close to him? And what happens to the patient when he wants to cry for help, but cannot?

Shekhar Suman maintains the mystery, as the viewer is unable to understand what’s next as the story progresses. By the time the mystery unfolds, the writing then begins turning lackluster. The subject matter should have been treated with much care, but the writer does it in an utter sloppy manner. The death story of Addy’s father appears to be lengthy. Om Puri’s slipping into performing the operation too is formulaic. First half has been injected with number of songs – this spoils the pleasures and you get bored. There are a number of other flaws as well in the narrative, but the most prominent ones are the above mentioned in earlier lines.

Shekhar Suman knows his job of direction, but the writing does not support him on screen. Music album is fine and few tracks work big time with the listeners. Cinematography is brilliant. Locales of Dubai have been captured with brilliance. The stylish look of the movie adds further values to the film.


Adhyayan Suman does fine job as an actor. He knows how important this movie is for him? Therefore the efforts in his acting skills are vivid. Ariana looks gorgeous and acts brilliantly well. Shekhar Suman does a neat job as an actor, but since he too is well aware of the fact that this movie holds tremendous importance for his son’s career, he gives more scope of presence to his son. Deepti Naval is first rate. Om Puri delivers the goods aptly. Rest of the cast is fine also.

Final Verdict:

On the whole, Heartless would have been a brilliant thriller, had the writing been supportive.

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