Lootera 1st Monday Box Office Collections – Total Business

By Saima Kanwal, Showbiz Bites Staff Writer

ranveer-looterastill-showbizbitesLootera 1st Monday box office collections simply dropped badly. Well, the major reason of the drop seems to be the multiplexes audiences, who are glued to their works now. The film is basically an urban movie and their target audience too is multiplexes. Thus the drop happened apparently for this very reason. Lootera received praises from the critics who got impressed by the look and everything about the movie, but it has now started dropping the business. Lootera 4th day box office collections are 2.25 crore in India. The movie showed good growth at the domestic box office on its first weekend, but from Monday, the business begun dropping.

Well, if it continues, the movie will then find tough days and the overall business would be bad. Even the movie will not be able to get profits. Let’s wait and watch what happens to the film’s business in the days to come. But seeing Lootera 1st Monday box office collections, it seems the movie will get shaking position from now onwards. The film will have to struggle by getting good business if it has to stay at theaters. Lootera 4th day box office collections have really showed the fact that ups and downs can happen. The total domestic collections in 4 days have reached to 21.25 crore.


Apart from the dropping business, the fact remains that the flick is a brilliant content to watch on screen. The movie has alluring cinematic experiences. Wonder, what happened to the audiences that they slipped somewhere. Lootera 1st Monday box office collections reveal the movie now could find difficult days in future. After reading Lootera 4th day box office collections, you must be interested in learning more about the film’s business. You may get the updates by landing on this website again. Come and read Lootera 5th day box office collections at this junction. In the meanwhile, you may read other stories such as our special article on international singing sensation the sizzling Katy Perry diet tips, read how she stays fit? Also read Lootera 1st weekend box office collections, Policegiri 1st weekend box office collections and Singam 2 1st weekend box office collections.

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